Put Together a Wonderful Gift Basket

Giving a gift basket to someone is a simple and effective way to show how you appreciate them.  However, creating that perfect gift basket may not be that easy.  You don’t only need to find items that the recipient will be thankful for, but you also want it to be inexpensive.  Perhaps you want to include a lot of thoughtful items in the gift basket, but the truth is, your budget is pretty tight.  By planning carefully, you will be able to create a wonderful gift basket while keeping the cost low.

How to Make Low-Cost Gift Basket

Whether you are planning to give a gift to one person or to a group of people, you should already have a clear idea about your budget.  Having a predetermined budget will help you keep the cost down. Creating inexpensive gift basket does not necessarily mean that it has to look cheap.  

Choosing the Container

When choosing a container, make sure that it is unique.  Find a container that they haven’t seen before.  Finding a unique container will prevent the recipient from judging the cost of your gift basket since they have no idea about its cost.  Thrift stores, garage sales, grocery store, and dollar store are all offering containers.  In case you plan to use the same container to all the recipients, the dollar store is the perfect place to look.  But if you want to personalize your gift basket, your container should be derived from various sources.  Basket will cost at approximately$1-$5 based on their size.  You may also use platters, bowls, wood boxes, trays, flower vases, and pots.

The Shred

You should think about adding some shreds in the empty area of your gift basket to make it appear fuller.  It also serves as a cushion to the items which will prevent them from rubbing and bumping into each other.  Creating a shred is fairly simple especially if you already have the materials and tools.  A scissor would be enough, but it is better if you have a paper shredder.  You can use colored paper, flyers, glossy papers, newspaper, brown bags and tissue to create strips.  Pulling the strips gently will curl the shreds; this will take time especially if you are creating a lot of gift baskets. 


Using a transparent wrap will make your gift basket look expensive.  Avoid using a plastic bag or a cling wrap just to save on this element.  These transparent wraps can be purchased at dollar stores and pastry stores.  Make sure that you have an ample wrap before you cut the cellophane to create a beautiful gather on top.

Finally, add some ribbons, toppers or bows to your gift basket that will be suitable for different occasions.  However, if you are giving the gift for a baby shower silver spoon or a rattle will be an ideal choice.  Adding other elements such as a nutcracker to the bow will make your gift basket appear seasonal.